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Shake The Bottle, Wake The Horror

Rw’s Horror Stories

Updated October 30th, 2020

Hey folks check out some thrilling horror stories now live way down below thanks.

Intro: The fresh new year of January 3rd, 2012, a year of fresh beginings in terror that is? (gasp). A Inter dimensional shapshifting monster with many names is feared by many across the unknown universe his name Bez’roo The Clown. One of countless offspring of Pennywise The Clown aka the deadlights. Read more here

Rw’s Science Fiction/Factual Stories

Intro Hey folks get to know more about Mr Rylli aka Royce Williams a 3,456 year old spiritual healer and entrepreneur from San Francisco. in this strange introduction story. Rw’s Random Life De Strange Zone
                                 Who is Royce Williams?

De Strange Zone Series Update September 22nd, 2020

           The Hot Date N Frisco

 Intro Rylli aka Royce Williams is exploring his pansexuality by going on a date with an attractive interacial couple in downtown San Francisco. Will he hit it off with them and start a beautiful relationship, or will Royce have to go back to square one. Find out here folks.

Rw’s Random Life De Strange Zone It’s So Pleasanton

Intro: Hey folks this is a true story. A few months ago I visited a small town in the bay area to take some photography for Rw’s Random Life blog/website. The city was Downtown Pleasonton CA. Find out more about my adventures here thanks.

Rw’s Fanfiction Stories

Content Updated November 9th, 2020

Farscape Mlaya The Leviathan of Horror

Intro Christopher long time friend of John Crichton sits in an alien bar. He has second thoughts about returning to Moya after being told a chilling story from a scavenger by the name of Belrayn. The scavenger tells Chris about his encounter with the Tarkatans on a doomed Leviathan named Mlaya. Will Chris go back to Moya or will he return to Earth. Check it out here

Rw’s De Strange Zone Presents Who N Black International A Tale of The Baltians

Intro: The 13th Doctor has brought an ancient evil entity to the M.I.B Headquarters. An Alpha Draconian shape shifter is running amok throughout the secret base while agents J and Q brushes up on studies of near extinct alien civilizations like the Baltians who helped found the agency over 50 years ago. Find out more here thank you.

Rw’s De Strange Zone Life Of Royce Williams Presents Noah’s Life In Ruins. Intro Noah Brennen A 25 year old explorer of abandoned ruins all over the globe. His adventurous life of exploring the ruins of the largest abandoned city of Cincinnati Ohio is about to change when a reptilian like being from deep underground stalks him inside a building. What will happen next find out here folks. Now online to read here thanks.
Rw’s Random Life News Oct 16th, 2020 Rw’s Random Life Stories My Life In Imperfection part 1. is now live here thank you.

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